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IDFPR Online Service Portal

The Division of Professional Regulation licenses and regulates over 1 million professionals and firms in Illinois including a variety of healthcare related professions such as doctors, nurses, and veterinarian, as well as a variety of occupational professions such as CPAs, barbers, engineers, and Security.

To register a new account and to apply for a License or information on licensing.    click the button below.

ISP Online Service Portal

The Illinois State Police (ISP) Firearms Services Bureau, through its Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) Program, determines the eligibility of applicants who wish to acquire, possess, or transfer firearms. The Bureau also administers the state’s Concealed Carry Licensing (CCL) program. 

To register or get information for a FOID or CCL click the button below.


This link is for Instructors only. The contents of this Instructor's Corner gives access to Documents and Schedules pertaining to assignments. Click the button below.

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